Digital 56K Modems

The dial-in number for our 56K modems is:    9648 5600

For those of you already connected to OnTheNet on our older number, you are welcome to try out the new modems by changing your computer to dial the new number.

Windows 95 instructions

Our 56K modems give us fast, clean digital connections and allow for modem speeds up to 56K. Even if you don't have a 56K modem you may still get an advantage from connecting through the new lines, especially if you are currently getting connections at lower than the highest speed your modem will allow.


Even though our new modems allow for speeds up to 56K, you may not necessarily get connections that fast even if you also have a 56K modem using the correct 56K standard. Your actual speed will vary according to the quality of the telephone lines between your modem and your local telephone exchange. You need perfect telephone lines to reach 56K speeds, but most people should be able to get speeds between 33.6K and 56K.


Our pricing hasn't changed with the introduction of the new modems, however we have it introduced a download cap. For those of you on our 30 hour plans, the download cap is 150 Mb. For those of you on our 120 hour plan the download cap is 500 Mb. Download amounts over these caps will be charged at 16c/Mb.

With these download caps, more than 95% of our customers will not have to pay any download fees.