A Guide to our Plans & Rates

A guide to choosing the best plan...

Remember that there's no trouble changing between plans, so you aren't stuck with any descision you start with. Just let us know that you'd like to change plans before you've reached the end of your current plan, and we're happy to change your plan for you.

Firstly you should think about how much you would like to be using the internet and average that out over a month. Can you see yourself spending an hour a day, every single day using the internet ? Or more, or less ? You may use it for only an hour or two during the week, and several hours over the weekend.

If you think you'll be using less than 15 hours per month, the Low Usage Plan is the one for you. This would also be the best choice if you want to use the internet mostly for email, and to look up the occasional web site.

If you think you'll be using between approximately 15 and 38 hours per month, the Standard Plan would be the best choice. This suits most people's usage, and is our most popular plan.

If you're likely to be using between around 38 and 65 hours per month, the High Usage Plan would be best for you. If you would not like to have to occasionally wait for busy signals, you may like to use this plan for higher hours per month as well.

If you're not using the internet for commercial purposes, are likely to be using over 65 hours per month, and don't mind occasionally having to wait a bit to connect up, the Maxi Plan would be the best choice. However if you would like a never have to experience busy signals, you may consider the High Usage Plan as well.

If you are a business and sending and receiving your email in a timely fashion is important to you, you might consider either the Permanent Link or the Business Hours Permanent Link. Remember that if you dial in to check your email five times a day, then using the Business Hours Permanent Link can actually be cheaper than one of the lower usage plans when you take the cost of the telephone calls into account, and you have the advantage of your email coming and going without delay and having the internet 'always on' for when you need to look up web sites etc.

Please see our Plans & Rates Page for full details on all our plans.